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1968 - Calypsomania:

Under The Mango Tree

Featuring the band that started it all, ROCKERFELLAS

Michael Boothman_Rockerfellas_Under The Mango Tree_Calypsomania Compilation.jpg

Under The Mango Tree

Rockerfellas_Music For The Young_Album Cover.jpeg

A Pica Mosquito

Rockerfellas_Music For The Young_Album Back.jpeg

Don't Sleep In The Subway

Rockerfellas_Music For The Young_Album Cover.jpeg

Mike's Samba

Michael Boothman_Rockafellas_Music For The Young_Single Cover.jpeg

Life's Great

Rockerfellas_Mavis John_Come By Here_Single.jpg

MAVIS JOHN - Come By Here

Featuring The Rockerfellas Combo

Michael Boothman_Tabu_Original 45 Single
Michael Boothman_Tabu Re-Issue_12 inch S
Michael Boothman_Tabu Re-Issue_7 inch Si

First single "TABU" recorded and released by Michael Boothman & Family Tree - 1970. It features Andre Tanker on flute.

Michael Boothman_Tabu_So Dey Say_Origina

Video by: David Boothman

Second single released by Michael Boothman - Diego Shuffle (1975)

This coincided with the dance of the same name, introduced by Boothman. The song became one of the longest standing local chart hits, remaining at number 1 for many weeks. In 1976 it was released in the USA on the Brooklyn based label Charlie's Records. Both releases had Diego Shuffle as the A side and Saying It With Music as the B side.

The record attracted the attention of music industry icon Clarence Avant who flew over to Trinidad from Los Angeles to sign Michael to his new label Tabu Records.

Michael Boothman_Diego Shuffle_Original

1975 original 7" 45-RPM release pressed in Trinidad. Released by Michael Boothman

Michael Boothman_Diego Shuffle_Single La

1976 USA release pressed in Brooklyn, New York

"Heaven" - One of the first albums by a Trinidadian artist signed to an international record label, Tabu Records, distributed worldwide through RCA Records in 1977. 

NOW Remastered for streaming - released 18th March 2022


1980 Michael Boothman released the US Billboard hit single "Touch", which introduced local Trinidadian singer Charmaine Forde who featured on both songs "What You Won't Do For Love" and "Waiting For Your Love" (lyrics penned by Carl Jacobs). This single was hugely successful as one of the first non-Calypso hits produced out of Trinidad and Tobago. Original pressings have become highly valued among vinyl collecting enthusiasts 

Michael Boothman_Touch Single_Label Cove
Michael Boothman_Touch Single_Label Cove
Michael Boothman_Kysofusion Band_Cant St
Michael Boothman_Kysofusion Band_Cant St

"Can't Stop Dancing" released in 1988, this special single features the voice of the late calypsonian and Soca music antecedent DESIGNER (Keith Prescot)

Re-released in 2018.

The Kysofusion Band is a band formed by Michael specifically to explore the fusion of local and traditional instruments with international genres. 

Michael Boothman_Caribbean Jazz Colours_


2001: Caribbean Jazz Colours. This compilation album features Michael and his band with the sweet sound of pan doing justice to two Jazz classics, Bluesette and Spain.


Michael Boothman_Break Away_Album Cover.

2018: Break Away. Michael's first independent studio release from his Poui Tree Studios. This was mixed by Grammy engineer Howard Linderman.

Michael Boothman_Saying It With Music_Si

2021 "Saying It With Music" Originally released in 1975, this modern take brings Michael right into the forefront of contemporary music in Trinidad and Tobago. The single is from his new forthcoming album which features some of the most talented young and established artists in Trinidad and Tobago.

Vocal by: Genisa St Hillaire

2021: Passion Fruit (feat: Orville Roach) 

The story behind Passion Fruit – My late uncle, Geoffrey Holder, the actor, dancer, musician, and artist always encouraged me to explore music on an emotional level and create compositions that stir and move the soul.  He urged me to do a cover version of Bachianas Brasileiras Aria (Cantilena). I sent it to him and he had a violinist collaborate on the production with me. That cover is now immortalised on my Taste of Heaven CD – limited print. 
Passion Fruit, in collaboration with Orville Roach has been influenced by my uncle’s love, mentorship and unwavering encouragement. Its emotion provoking melodies will take you on an internal journey to the core of yourself, and gently lead you to a place of acceptance, peace and reconciliation. In loving memory of my uncle Geoffrey Holder, forever loved and forever missed. 


Michael Boothman_Songbook_QR Code Smart Link.png

Released on 31st August 2021, the album was recorded in collaboration with Trinbagonian artists;

Clarence “BUNNY” Charles, Isa "ISSA" Abdullah, Orville Roach, Danial Bishop, Genissa St. Hill Aire, Omari ‘SOCO’ Wright, Joshua “SUPAYOUTH” Salcedo, Conrad Roach, Simon Mendoza and Stefan Boothman.


Single: Jouvert Morning

Featuring: Dr. Len "Boogsie" Sharpe

Single: My Love Song

Featuring: Monique La Chapelle

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