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Two New Singles:


Dimples - A testament to long lasting love


Dimples is a special new love song I wrote as a tribute to my lovely wife. Her smile still makes my heart melt after all these years, and I believe this song really captures that sentiment of the lasting love we share. It features some of the most talented musicians we have in the Caribbean. MalikShalto (Sims808) on vocals, Joshua Salcedo (Supayouth) on drums and electric bass, and Jomo Slusher on trombone, with lyrics by Anslem Douglas. Thanks to Zach Carpenter for recording everything at my studio (Poui Tree) and Zab Spencer for his mixing and mastering skills.

So Different  -  Soca / Calypso / Jazz fusion


So Different is a brand new composition that I believe jazz musicians and Caribbean Jazz lovers will enjoy. It features the extremely talented Nicholas Thomas on drums, and Anton Charles on piano. Thanks again to Zach Carpenter for recording and mixing this song, and Zab Spencer for his mastering skills.

About These Singles


These two singles are being released ahead of my upcoming album Songbook Volume 2 - due out on Ash Wednesday, February 14th, which is also Valentines Day. As we head into the Christmas, then Carnival seasons, these two singles should fit in nicely with the festivities, and beyond. I am extremely proud of the brand new work we will be releasing on the new album. These two singles are just a taste.


As always, I love to showcase our Caribbean talent, and Songbook Volume 2 will continue that process. We look forward to playing for you in the near future and hope that Dimples becomes a favourite among loving couples throughout the world, as we remember, love conquers all

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